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Luysa Gonzalez
Luysa Gonzalez’s lively spirit races across the soccer field but a lot of people also marvel at her alluring artistic gifts. Both are attributes given by her father. “If I had to describe Luysa in three words, I’d say she is energetic, amusing and very funny,” friend and freshman Angel Martinez said. What may not come to mind is the sadness, isolation, and mortification that came with the death of her father. “Life was already difficult for me because I moved from Florida to Venezuela,” said Gonzalez. “This was a whole different culture and setting to be around. And then my hero died, I mean I was definitely a Daddy’s little girl.” However, Gonzalez overcame her nightmare by turning it into her motivation. When words were not enough to express emotions she turned to paintbrushes and canvases. Art was her way to indicate how she felt inwards and soccer was her way of expressing herself outwardly. Luysa’s father was a soccer goalkeeper which inspired her to do the same when she had the opportunity at McEachern High School. “Losing a father can be really difficult and heartbreaking but I actually think that is what made Luysa the strong independent person she is,”close friend and sophomore Daisy Pastrana said. The pain of losing a parent is unimaginable but it is what makes Luysa so special. “If I hadn’t lost my father I don’t think I would be as outgoing, try out for soccer, or even draw the way I do,” Gonzalez said.

Luysa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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