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Naronie Jerome
Being a feminist and being a proud feminist carry two different meanings to this passionate and optimistic Haitian.

She’s a girl who is growing into her size seven and a half shoes with each step she takes, empowering all women to stand up for equality. Her fluency in both French and Creole enable her to convey her message to a variety of people including her Haitian family.

“I want to have a voice to help bring all people together.” Junior Naronie Jerome said

She makes it clear that she is an advocate for all those who positively affect others and takes great pride in her ability to encourage people to make their own decisions.

Jerome was born in Queens, New York and moved to the suburbs of Atlanta. She’s lived in two very different environments and one of the common societal themes she observed in both areas was gender inequality. She witnessed injustices but was unable to do anything about them, and those experiences inspired her to become the proud feminist she is today.

Feminism has made her more cognizant of who she surrounds herself with. She keeps her circle small because she prefers to be around people who agree with her beliefs but she also values close relationships.

“I want to be alone but not lonely” Junior Naronie “Aron” Jerome said

Jerome doesn’t like wearing bras, as she deems them unnecessary. In her eyes, they are a tool that only serves to perpetuate the age-old societal tendencies to oversexualize women's bodies. 

“Why do we have to cover our nipples but guys don’t,” Jerome questions. "What makes our bodies so offensive?"

She believes in inclusion of everyone and their freedom to do what they want. She has dedicated herself to feminism because of the good she feels the movement can do for society as a whole, not only for a certain sect of the population.

“Feminism isn’t just about women it’s about everyone” Jerome said

Naronie Jerome , Staff Writer

Jan 12, 2018
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