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While her monotonous color-schemes may seem drab from a distance, you get closer and she shines; just like her personality.

Lights, camera, fashion, Octavia Mann is coming down the runway. This fashionista, though she be little, she be fierce.

“She has her own ideas about how she wants things to go, and does anything to execute those plans,” says Whitney Chandler, Octavia’s AP Language teacher. In her words, Octavia is “a woman to be reckoned with. Intellectually curious. Creative. Funny, she’s funny.”

“Part of it is the private school thing, but also I kinda grew up in this place where it’s always, always the same, we all did the same things over and over again. So it was kind of monotonous, and so me, personally, coming to McEachern, I didn’t want just to repeat that. I just wanted to stop that and be my own person.”

After ten years of private school, Octavia was done with uniforms and repetitive monotony. She had her first back-to-school shopping expedition as a conventional teenager.

Her eyes were wide with excitement as she shopped for her new look. Going to a new school always has it’s excitement, but she was more excited about her prospect of a look that didn’t compose of khaki skirts and wooly sweaters.

“We went to TJ Maxx, Rue 21, Forever 21. We were pretty much going anywhere, and I was really able to really pick out the clothes that I liked,” she says, eyes bright as she looks back on the memory.

“When I was really young I watched a lot of Project Runway, like, all of the time with my parents and we would just like, critique things like we were experts or something.” Even from childhood this little star had an interest in fashion.

Most people think of a fashion snob when hearing ‘fashionista’, but they’ll have to think twice when meeting Octavia. With a bright smile and an even brighter personality, this star will shoot far past the orbit and into the galaxy.


Octavia Mann, Staff Writer

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