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Sharell Minnis
Inspiration is often used as motivation or a mental stimulant to ignite action or emotion, however Sharell Minnis doesn’t see the point in having any.

“I don’t want to get too personal... But the turning point in my life was when I discovered that I had depression," Minnis said.

The girl that greets you with a smile has more emotion hidden behind her glasses than what is seen at a first glance. She was diagnosed in her early teens: feeling as though she didn’t fit in, couldn’t find her purpose, and was a disappointment. She wasn’t living up to her goals and couldn’t fill her own size 10 shoes.

Minnis explained that her family made her happy, so it’s understandable that her favorite memory occured while spending time with them soon after her Aunt’s graduation. 

“We were at the beach…we basically played some music," Minnis said. "I’m from the Bahamas, so they had that island music going. We ate the good ‘ole food and played in water.”

She laughed as she explained how her Aunty freaked out because of the fish in the water.  

Minnis is a true believer in the autonomy of one's actions. She is of the opinion that people’s motivation comes from within, not from external sources. Because of this, she considers inspiration to be a myth.

“I don’t see the point in people inspiring other people,” Minnis said. “I feel like you do it because you wanted to do it not because someone inspired you to.”

Minnis believes life is what you make it: that you should live it while you still have a chance to because tomorrow is not promised.

“It’s a work in progress but yes, I am a lot happier now,” Minnis said.

Minnis used to put herself down a lot and told herself she would never reach her goals. Now she feels like she can and will achieve them. She has a job and is making good grades but, most importantly, has begun to accept herself.

Sharell Minnis, Staff Writer

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