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Trinity Murry
Senior Trinity Murry has been a dancer for seven years participating in McEachern’s color guard since before her freshman year. 

At just eight years old Murry became a junior cheerleader. Dancing came about for Murry three years later at eleven years old, her mother recommending the need to socialize.

Four years later, freshman Trinity approached the Performing Arts Center with the hopes of making the McEachern High School color guard. 

Her first season of color guard she hid behind a prop during a halftime performance, towards the end appearing in a box.

"Everybody was like, ‘How did she get over there." Murry reminisced.

Prior to a successful set of tryouts, Murry doubted that she would make the team.

Beginning her season fearful, Murry wasn’t mentally prepared for what would come with being apart of the team, struggling throughout the season. “At the beginning of the season I could not do a plié, by the end of the season I could do a plié.”

During a practice Murry tossed her flag in the air. While descending, the flag hit her forehead. “ I came to school with a knot on my forehead for about a week everybody thought I had gotten into a fight.”

You’ll most likely see Murry by herself or with a handful of friends “I’m not social because people aren’t the best.” Murry said.

Murry’s socialism can weaken once out of her comfort zone like many people. Once she’s unfamiliar with an area her pessimistic side starts to show.

Her teachers see her as someone who is “energetic and engaging.” English teacher Laurette Brown said.

Murry seems needs a motivational push sometimes to get tasks completed.

“Praise is what motivates her, like everyone else we like to hear that we’re doing well.” Brown said.

Trinity Murry, Staff Writer

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