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Xakia Jones
Xakia Jones is an optimistic, charismatic, and vivacious girl that consistently lights up the room with her bright personality.

Those who have the privilege of encountering the high-spirited junior are intrigued by her relaxed and accepting personality that is reflective of the tremendous joy she experiences daily.  She finds solace in watching comedy films and reading romance novels, and admits that she has attitudes and interests that some consider bizarre. However, these very peculiarities are what makes her who she is.

“I love the movies. I love the cold atmosphere," Jones said. "I like the dark aura and I love the smell of popcorn but I don't like eating them.”

She also loves the smoothness of peanut butter on a soft tortilla shell. This is a young woman who is undoubtedly unique and proves that being yourself is the best way to live life.

Jones is not very outgoing but from the many hours she spends alone reading and watching TV, her positive outlook on life never changes. Nostalgic memories such as the time her brother brought her skates and later taught her how to skate on ice are constant reminders there are always moments to look up to. Xakia wishes that many others have her same mindset besides thinking of all the negativity in the world.    

In Xakia's perspective, the utmost negative thing in the world is suicide. Xakia hates suicide with a passion because "a lot don't get to choose when to leave earth, so why should you?" She believes those who are depressed and decide suicide is the answer "don't see the bigger picture." 

"I feel like you shouldn't be stuck on one part of your life or focus on that one bad thing that happened and all the other bad things that happened because there's always a lot of good stuff to look forward to or to look at," Jones said. "That's why I think depression is a mindset. That's why it's not as bad as you think it is in reality."

Her advice to those who are depressed: "Act!"

Even though Xakia says depression is a mindset, she also clarifies that she is not blaming the person that is depressed. To Xakia there is no excuse to depression.

"I think people sit there and mope...if you wanna change, you can change," Jones said. "There is nothing stopping you from changing."

It is evident that Xakia has good intentions for the world around her and hopes that one day everyone will share her ideology on living a life at ease.

Xakia Jones, Staff Writer

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