photo by Lindsey Camp

Student council sponsors Sarah Holcomb and Angela Caylor guide all student decision making meetings for student council. They are the ones who decide on independent leaders that they feel could help represent each of their own grade levels in a great way.

by Lindsey Camp, website editor

Student Council coordinates homecoming week, spirit week, prom, community service events, teacher appreciation gifts, the back to school bash, and senior week activities.  These events are what creates the high school experience

Student Council is an organization that is ran by students of all different grade levels. The organization creates a proactive relationship between students and teachers by all students to present ideas and teachers to plan the project.

To participate in Student Council you must fill out an application, receive 50 student signatures, and a teacher recommendations. After this process is completed teacher sponsors Angela Caylor and Sarah Holcomb choose qualifying students. The power to create a personalized high school experience enables students to gain decision making skills and encourage.

“I wanted the power to make decisions and offer something to the school besides just being a student,” said senior Danielle Williams. “I’m a liaison between the teachers and the students, so having to talk to the student body as a whole helped me establish with people outside of my circle.

Student Council allows students to strengthen their networking skills, while providing fun, thrilling social outings. The Council strives to reach a diverse amount of students, and show them that the student body supports their aspirations.  Regularly, Council members can be spotted painting student faces at sporting events in order to show support for the team.

“I was in Student Council in high school and my high school experience was a lot better because of it. So I volunteer in hopes that I can help kids experience be as good as mine,” junior Council President Sarah Holcomb said.

Student Council gives the teachers a chance to hear student’s opinions on school related events. They step up and put the student’s goals into action. They do all of the behind the scenes work, such as buying decorations for homecoming week, decorating for prom, and  in order to make everything run smoothly. Student Council Teacher’s   goal is to make student enjoy their high school experience stress free.

“Student Council is the voice of the students, but the council helps more than the students,” administrator Krystal Wattley said. “The teachers that are involved in the organization get to experience different perspectives from younger generations.”