by Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

Student Council claims to be McEachern’s student government, where the concerns of students are brought to the attention of administration for the school’s betterment.

However, the council has done nothing more than plan a spirit week and maintain Twitter and Instagram accounts detailing what happens on this campus. I’m not discrediting those actions, as getting our name out there is half the battle, but it is only half of the battle.

“[Student Council is] a chance for students to have a voice and participate in a meaningful way in what happens at the school.” social studies teacher Britt Cottingham said.

On the McEachern website, Student Council lists its goals as to “promote leadership skills, school involvement, and community service.” However, there should be another goal added to that list.

Student Council should serve as an organization students can rally around and convey their honest opinions about the school’s operations to the school’s leadership apparatus.

Of course, the administration would also need to listen to student feedback and iterate upon it for this change to actually mean anything.

“I’ve included Student Council in meetings because I’ve wanted student input to see exactly how Homecoming Week should go. I think that the platform [for hearing students’ concerns] should be through Student Council. If there are any issues, they can communicate them to administration,” said administrator Krystal Wattley.

Regardless of whether these concerns lead to any actual change, students would at least feel a sense of validation that their concerns have been heard by someone.