by Tianna Smith, Publicist

November and December are stressful times for students and teachers. With the holidays approaching, there is little time left to save any falling grades.

The end of the semester is a time of ups and downs that students go through every year. Some are fine and have nothing to worry about, some are in the middle and slightly panicked, and the rest are hanging on by a thread in order to get the much needed credits that can save their GPAs.

“Some days I feel so close to giving up but I know I can do this, so from now until December, so it’s grind time,” junior Kameika Lopez said.

Students are not the only ones with the pressure of making it through these last two months of the year. Teachers are also trying to prepare their students for finals, End of Course Assessments (EOCs), and Student Learning Objectives(SLOs) which will have a heavy impact on both teacher and student.

A teacher’s ability is measured by the SLO and EOC so they want all of their students to do well. Trying to offer as much help before the tests in order for their students to score high, teachers have more responsibility than ever during the last leg of the first semester.

Last year, certain classes didn’t have EOCs and SLOs didn’t count, but this year all of that has changed. EOCs count for 20 percent of a student’s grade and the SLO will also count this year.

Something the students didn’t have to worry about at all in the previous year has come back to haunt them this year.

“Kids should avoid waiting until the last minute to study for things, and reassess as soon as possible so that moving forward isn’t so difficult.” administrator James Bishop said.

These are times where everyone needs to buckle up because the ride starts to get rough. The days of having plenty of time to make up an assignment or risk not turning something in have long passed.

Although it can get very stressful, students and teachers shouldn’t let worries they have consume their thoughts because it can distract them from what’s really important. Finishing out the semester with a positive, confident attitude will aid in the success of the teacher and the student.

“It’s hard trying to get some of my students feeling as confident as they should be feeling, and as a teacher it starts to bring me down a little.” allied health teacher Jan Dilbeck said. “I push them harder towards the end to make sure they finish out the course strong.”  

The time of relaxation during breaks aren’t as relaxing as they’re thought to be. Packets over the thanksgiving and christmas breaks are what these students need to not only attempt bringing their averages up before their final tests in the class, but also practice the materials that will be on their tests.

“Holidays should be happy times but they can be stressful,” administrator James Bishop said.

Set dates for the EOCs and SLOs are currently undetermined.