by Kamryn Thomas, Staff Writer

“Sorry ma’am, your card has been declined… Do you need to call your parents?”

A teenage girl, no older than 15 has just been turned away at the local froyo shop because her debit card was void of funds.

“I’m 13, but I have a card because my mom believes it’s better than giving me cash,” freshman Christyn Hunt said.

Debit and credit cards are used daily around the world by adults for convenience while making purchases. But more recently, debit cards have been given to teenagers around the U.S.

It is much easier to load money onto a card account, rather than having to get cash from the ATM whenever you need it. There are many adult-friendly card services that allow parents to set up a prepaid debit card for their kids. This is why debit cards are given to teens as a way to load their allowance onto a card.

“It takes a lot of responsibility to own a debit card because you need to know how to manage your money and not spend it on useless things,” junior Olive Miano said.

Certain responsibilities come with having a credit or debit card. As a teenager with a debit card, you should encounter money management skills along with loss prevention skills. If you are unable to manage your money, chances are you will blow through all of the funds on your card. Also, losing a card is a big deal because it gives anyone the ability to swipe it and empty your bank account. It is important that the owner of said debit card is responsible.

“I set up a debit card so it would be easier for me to get paid at work,” junior Shania Willis said.

Owning a debit card is necessary in school because a lot of students have jobs and are paid through direct deposits in their bank accounts. They want to be able to use their own money at their discretion. By having a debit card, any money put in their bank account will be accessible through the card.

Having money in the palm of your hand with just a swipe, can be more convenient than loose change. It is also easy in a digital world to add money to a card in just a few taps on a cell phone. It doesn’t take leaving your seat to add money to a debit card while retrieving cash takes getting in your car and going to an ATM.

According to a Charles Schwab survey, 42% of teens own a debit or ATM card. It has been seen as a societal norm for high schoolers to have their own credit or debit card. As the world becomes more digital, this trend will most likely carry on.