by Kelechi Anyanwu, Staff Writer

McEachern’s theater department allows students to display their skills in unique ways. On May 6,these skills were recognized in the 2016 MAG Awards through nine categories.

One of the awards given is called the “best monologue” with a student performing in class. Each monologue performed is drawn from published plays with students working alone to perform. There were three winners in the category with everyone from a different class.

“A monologue is basically where you are the only one speaking,” Junior Kenya Ingram said. “You use all your energy in different ways to portray the piece in a different way.”

Best Monologue Winners:
• Savannah Eziukwu (Fundamentals of Theater Fall 2nd Block)- Fences
• Emjika Ebere (Fundamentals of Theater 3rd Block)- A Raisin in the sun
• Kenya Ingram (Fundamentals of Theater Spring)- Prisoner of 2nd Avenue

Another award that is given is called the Best Duet Scene that is with two students performing to a class. The criteria are the same as the Best monologue category with the only difference being that there are two people performing. There were four duet groups that won in this category.

“I won best duet scene with Moye Light on the performance Joe Turner’s Come and Gone,” Senior Michael Sanders said. “It was very nice working with Moye Light and I appreciate getting this award for all the hard work I did.”

Best Duet Scene Winners:
• Karina Perdomo/Hannah Santiago(Fundamentals of Theater Fall 2nd Block)- Brighton Beach Memoirs
• Nate Jones/Kawala-Pierre Paul (Fundamentals of Theater 3rd Block)- The Rainmaker
• Moye Light/Michael Sanders (Advanced Drama)- Joe Turner’s Come and Gone
• Kenya Ingram/Brenton Daily (Fundamentals of Theater Spring)- I Love You, I Love You Not

This category is given to the student who embodies a theater student and does the work. They have to not only be a good actor, but are able to perform any other theater job as well. There were six winners that won in this category.

“I’ve been in theater since I was a junior and I won outstanding contribution,” Senior Kiara Alvarez said.

Outstanding Contribution to the Theater Classroom Winners:
• Hasaan Alston (Fundamentals of Theater Fall 2nd Block)
• Nkemjika Ebere (Fundamentals of Theater 3rd Block)
• Anthony Gumingo (Advanced Drama)
• Kenya Ingram (Fundamentals of Theater Spring)
• Kayla Quamina ( Acting 2nd Block)
• Kiara Alvarez ( Acting 3rd Block)

The Outstanding contributor is someone who does their work and always performs in plays. These people give their all on the stage and work effortlessly to be the best. There was one winner in this category.

“These are activities done outside the classroom,” Theater Director Steven Jones said.

Outstanding Contribution to the Stage
• Doria Amankwah (Advanced Drama)- The Search for Cindy

This category is for people that do the outside work in stage that is not seen. These people are what make the play move on and are a crucial part to theater. There were two winners found in this category.

“They had props that needed to be lifted up and down,” Junior Kejohnna Parker said. “I lifted it either up or down on cue.”
Outstanding Contribution to the Theater Stage:
• Danielle McCree (Acting 2nd Block)- Lighting
• Kejohnna Parker ( Acting 3rd Block)- Fly/Grip

The best performance category is an original performance that students wrote themselves. They would also have to act their scene with their own group. There was only one winner in this category.

“I felt pretty happy, I’m not going to lie,” Junior Carlos Douze said. “It’s still always a good feeling when you do something.”

Best Performance:
• Michael Sanders/Kate Brinkley/Carlos Douze/Garrett Underwood/Shaniqua Newbold- Hollywood Gangland
The best scene award is like a monologue, but with two or more people. There were two groups that one won this award.

“I will minor in theater when I get to college,” Junior Musa Secka said.

Best Scene:
• Phajjah Whitton/Kayla Thompson/Kayla Quamina/Keiara Hester/Nakeita Clark/Clarissa Moland-Gibson/Jaden Glover – Average Black Girl
• Michael  Sanders/Musa Secka – Of Mice and Men

Best historical scene fits the same criteria as previous categories, but differs in that the play was historical in some way. There were two groups that won this award.

“I’ve been acting for four years now and being notified for my craft and being celebrated for my work is always a good feeling.” Senior Elizabeth Allen said. “There’s nothing like having recognition for something you love doing.”

Best Historical Scene:
• Lindsey McMath/Lacy Wolfe/Kris Britton/Ashley Cadley – The Servant of Two Masters
• Musa Secka/ Liz Allen/ Siah Cusaac

The Director award is chosen directly from current director Steven Jones. Jones looks at a variety of things, from leadership attributes all the way to who worked the hardest. There were multiple winners who won, which can be found below.

Director Awards:
• The entire group of The Miser
• Reanna Maiden
• Darius Thomas

The actors discussed did tremendous work and made a fine contribution to the fine arts program by performing. Everyone should make sure to come out next year and see them perform if you’re looking for an amazing time.