Every week, thousands of apps are uploaded to app stores for every device imaginable. Here are your top apps of the week:

Relevance (Chrome)

Relevance reorders your Chrome extensions based on what you’ve read and the websites you visit most often.

Relevance tracks the pages you actually read, and stores your data locally. Once it understands your reading patterns, you can tap the extension icon and change your tab order so that the sites that you’re most likely to be interested in are in front, and things you haven’t read are towards the end.

Relevance is free in the Chrome Web Store.

Snap (Android)


Widgets are an extremely valuable part of the Android experience, but it’s a little painful to have to make the excrutinating trip to your home screen to see them. Snap puts them in your notification shade, so they’re always one swipe away.

The app adds a section to the traditional notification center that lets you add widgets like weather, music controls, RSS feeds, to-do lists, or anything else a widget is normally good for.

Snap is free in Google Play.

Hibou (Chrome)

If you’ve read an article online, only to forget the main point a few days later, Hibou is for you. The extension reminds you to re-read it later for better retention.

Hibou uses spaced repetition (which I explained here) to help you remember what you read. Once you add an article to Hibou, you can highlight the information you want to remember, and it’ll remind you to brush you on it in a couple of days.

It’s great for when you go into a Wikipedia hole for hours on end, and don’t remember a thing the next day.

Hibou is free in the Chrome Web Store.