by Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

After a busy couple of weeks in the tech news cycle, things have settled down enough for Top Apps to return! Here are some of the apps you’ve gotta download:

Workflow (iOS)

Workflow allows you to automate actions. That might seem great, but I’m highlighting the app this week because of what One Tap Less pointed out in a blog post. Workflow allows you to essentially grab a URL (probably found in the app’s “share URL” option), and download whatever that URL points to (whether it’s an Instagram photo, YouTube video, etc.) to your device by starting the Workflow.

Once you download Workflow for $3.99 (price accurate as of this writing), you can use these workflows to start your downloading binge:

SwiftKey (iOS, Android)

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SwiftKey is a keyboard for your phone. I know, I know; it’s not the most exciting app on your phone, but it’s one that you probably end up using hundreds of times a day.

SwiftKey is different from other keyboards in that it can actually be customized with themes and tons of emoji (It even predicts what emoji you should use.) Let that sink in for a moment. We have a keyboard to predict what emoji you should use. Whether you keep it traditional and use the default or use themes like Aqua, Stars, and Watermelon to make typing a little more fun.

Having fun is great, but ultimately functionality wins championships (Excuse me while I tweet that). Anyways, Swiftkey has you covered there too. With swipe typing (a must-have for any keyboard) and autocorrect based on your writing style (Take notes, Apple). It’ll even include missed spaces for you when you’re tweeting at 2AM that you need to get some sleep (I’ve been there).

For those blessed with the ability to write multiple languages fluently, SwiftKey’s got you covered there too with the ability to seamlessly type across two languages without switching your settings (Have I blown your mind yet?)

But wait, there’s more! SwiftKey also learns from your online profiles and allows you to back-up and sync your settings across all your Android and iOS devices.

All of this is available at the low, low price of free! (I’m going to consider your minds to be blown)

With that, I’m going to give you some time to consider what you just read. If you want more of my weird musings during the week, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, and more.