Students define the difference between trends and true style

Cheyenne Brown, Senior Editor

Because I choose to dress how I want, that may not be like everyone else, does that make me not fashionable?

What really makes someone fashionable? What is fashion? Fashion is defined as a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people. In today’s society people get too caught up in trends and take too much consideration of the next person’s opinion or appearance when deciding on their personal wardrobe. Musicians, political figures, celebrities, and cultural icons have a heavy impact on the fashion world and are typically the ones who “dictate” fashion.

Fashion is a mirror of who someone really is because it allows people to express themselves from the inside out. Fashion can separate people and place them into certain categories even unwillingly especially in school. People are easily categorized into cliques and social groups by the types of clothing they may wear, but someone shouldn’t be judged on how they dress because fashion has two sides; how someone wants to be perceived and how someone really is.

What is fashion to you?

“Fashion is being dressed in something that makes you feel special. My style is classy.”

Pamela Henderson, English teacher

Do you hop on new trends whenever they come out?

“I do not hop on trends; I try to start my own trends by putting things together that most people would not think of.”

Sabastien Pierre-Paul, senior

What influences your style?

“The media, fashion magazines, and the people around me.”

Donielle Dixon, junior

When you shop do you look for a certain brand or designer?

“I shop just to shop, brand names are nice and all, but you can buy non-name brand and look just as nice as someone who spent a lot of money on their outfit.”

A’set Gentry, senior

Do you think fashion is important?

“Yes, because it allows people to show who they are.”

Sa’qhan Daniels, senior

Fashion is “state of mind. A spirit, an extension of one’s self,” International Fashion Editor Cynthia Durcanin said. You should just worry about what fits you and what type of clothing or trends makes you, you. You should not worry about the opinions of others or how others may dress, as long as you are comfortable with your appearance that’s all that should matter. Do not get dressed in the morning to impress anybody else but yourself. Fashion is a never ending popularity contest, people strive to fit in, in order to feel accepted or welcomed. But trends are constantly changing overnight, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out, so why even bother to keep up? Be you, dress how you want to dress and be your own fashionista.