by Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

Let’s talk for a second: workaholic to workaholic.

Since Workaholic launched four brief months ago, I’ve had the vision of creating an one-stop shop to get the most productive you with the help of the technology you’re already using.

I want Workaholic to be a place with a strong community of readers and fans willing to share their opinions on technology and the apps that fuel their workflows. With that in mind, this is what Workaholic’s going to be in 2016.

The Workaholic Logo

You might’ve noticed some new Workaholic branding above this post. Quite frankly, this is something that I’ve personally been putting off for the longest time as school’s been a pest to me at best towards growing Workaholic.

The Workaholic logo features a pencil (created by Edward Boatman for the Noun Project). Now, you might be wondering why the pencil is what Workaholic’s brand identity leans on. For starters, the pencil is arguably the most indispensable tool for creativity and getting hard work done. Even I, a self-proclaimed technology addict and pen fanatic, still lean on a pencil for fleshing out ideas for this very blog. Secondly, you could also argue that the pencil is the most high-tech tool there is for writing. Think about it, the pencil’s been around for centuries, yet it continues to be most people’s default writing utensil. That is unheard of in the technology landscape, and Workaholic stands to respect that.

Embracing the Outside World

2016 is going to be a year where community plays a big focus in what I do here on Workaholic. Aside from engaging with my Tribal Times colleagues, I want to engage with the proud Workaholic army.

To do that, I have created two new avenues to do so: the Workaholic Google+ community, and a new AMA series right here on the Workaholic blog every Thursday beginning in the New Year.

The G+ community will both act as a funneling point where you can ask me questions and I can respond to you as you ask me questions, provide feedback, link me to apps, etc. Questions from here (and my personal Twitter) can be used in the AMA series.

This is Workaholic, and 2016 looks to be its most productive year yet.

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